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It takes vision to be a good photographer, to imagine how the world

around you will look in a photograph. But it takes another kind of vision

to see how you can use what skills and experience

you have to help other people.



— Mark Bentley, portrait photographer, Black and White Photography Magazine, UK, March 2012

Hand Holding Camera Lens

Eeaster island
Selection of the fruit on display street market
Guy speeding on motorcycle through the street
Harbour with a lot of blue shipping boats
Model lying in the bed in her lingerie
View of the Taj Mahal through tree branches
Model in the bed with messy hair in pyjamas

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About Babija photo

Hi I'm Jan and I call myself photographer, who pick up a camera and start shooting
anything still or moved.  It's been a wild ride and I am incredibly grateful for
the opportunities that I've been given along the way.
I was born in Slovakia and currently living in Bishops Stortford, but for
projects I travel around the world.
I start to taking photography more serious since 2014.
As I travelled more I found more opportunity to take different photos.
The best part is that I absolutely love what I do and none of it seems
like work to me.
My goal is to show the beauty, feelings and emotions of people.
I’d be happy to photograph YOUR unique photo-story
I hope to help create breath-taking images for all mediums be,
commercial, domestic, creative + fashion.

As a portrait photographer I believe in authenticity, imperfection and forgiveness, love and courage,
 passion and yearning and have a weakness for people who follow their own path
away from what others think they have to do.

I am available for booking in any beautiful corner of the World.
 For detailed information please contact me.

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